Nowadays with the Internet boom, multimedia contents represent the best and cheapest way to make known your brand and your products. You have certainly already made videos to communicate on Youtube, Facebook and the other community websites. A good music enhance the message delivered by your videos, but clearing musical rights can be complicated and expensive, so you don’t get the mind about that question.

We own more than 4 000 tracks inspiring Travel, Wellness plus an important sound base of natural sounds. Our catalogue is one of the greatest reference in that kind of music and we propose you to use it in an easy and legal way for very competitive fees..

«Few examples:»


Your website is the first image your company gives to its customers, and a good music is a key element. We can offer you the track corresponding to your communication

Videos on Web:

You are looking for the best music for your videos on Youtube, you could find the solution here. Then the more music you need and the more videos you make, the better deal you will obtain.

Branded CD’s:

You may want to offer a gift to your customers or partners for a special occurrence (Release of a new product, Fidelity Program, Christmas, Saint Valentine’s day, etc...). A branded CD is the premium choice.

Other uses:

We can also license music for your advertisements on all medias (TV, Radio, Web, etc...), your corporate movies… as well as for your projects with embedded contents on different formats or products like usb keys, hard-disk, or other hardware devices. For all these usages or may be other you may imagine, please ask us for a quotation.

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